In the Conventional clean room or biologically clean room, the greatest source of dust and bacteria is human being. Therefore it becomes essential to install Air Shower for control of contamination at the entrance leading to the clean room. Air Shower prevents a person entering the the clean room from carrying with him dust and bacteria adhering to his body, clothing, etc. through air jets produced by the clean air circulatory system of the equipment. Air Shower also provides an effective air lock system which restricts the clean area in the event of door opening.

Air Shower using HEPA Filters are installed to protect Clean Room environment from unwanted contamination, such as lint, dirt, dust etc., while an individual walks through a specially constructed chamber. The Clean Room Garments are contaminated during gowning and un gowning or because of high rush in the changing room. The contamination may increase when the same garment is worn/removed several times. Use of Air Shower can restrict this contamination from being carried to the clean room.

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